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Originally Posted by Phlox View Post

It is no easier for me to find a woman for a relationship that it is a man.

I am trying to patiently (kind of a problem, lol) keep myself open to the possibility of meeting her. I am posting on dating sites, and trying to get out more, as being around people increases the odds of actually meeting someone. In the meantime I am working on my life, pursuing things that interest me, and enjoying the time I have with my so (who is also actively helping me find someone-we have very similar tastes in women).
You sound very much in the same place I am. Thanks for this -- it's nice to know others can identify. And interesting that you experience the same resistance from many women. I wonder what it is, other than I guess the classic "this is what we know so this is what we're comfortable with." More and more I realize I need to stick to the poly community at least in these early days, if only because all this philosophy will already (in theory) be worked out. Shouldn't be too much of a problem in left-coast Vancouver, although it does limit me to dating from a much smaller pool. Who knows if there's anyone I'll be able to connect to who's already on the same trek.

But I'm with you -- keep myself open in all ways to lightning strikes, and until then work on my issues and try and be present with my SO as she struggles with the opposite problem - trying to time and emotion balance all her relationships!
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