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Its not to distract yourself that I advise a hobby or subject of study. Its to enrich you as a person. To find things inside you that make you proud of who you are as a person. To remind you that this, coming to terms with poly or not, isn't the only change you have the power to enact.
As well, the thing most often found to be sexy about a person isn't how much they get other people to listen to them (leadership qualities). Its that they have a passion. Some interest that drives them. This, by far, is a more reliable source of confidence in a person. Knowledge and skills can't be taken away so the confidence they lend isn't dependent on the behavior of others.
And doing this might help you see value in yourself. Value you know she will have to factor in when the abandonment issues most of us have rear their ugly head. It can help you know how irreplaceable you are.
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