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Originally Posted by gorgeouskitten View Post
So...a lot of you have read my posts before, but now my BF has an account on here so its a little different for me. lol. Im just curious about how other people handle the sharing of sexual information. For me, I like to know what my partners are into with their other partners..maybe not detailed accounts of specific 'sessions' (though my spouse and i discuss that sometimes to some extent) but i like to know what kind of things they are into, or what kinds of acts are performed if its something new etc. Im prone to be like, "was it good?" or ask follow up if its mentioned something new was introduced.
I suppose this is personal preference, no one HAS to share. But if you have different views on it, like it unsettles me not to know, how do you deal with that?
If you dont share how else can the bring home new thing to spice up your own sex life...To me that is a bonus
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