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Hi Wildflowers, glad you got something from the link.

Still focusing on Prof right now, I suppose because I see him the most. We are having a lot of "bonus nights," undeclared "dates". I got him to stop calling them dates, I told him it made my skin crawl. He says it is how he and S describe their interactions with others a "date" could involve sex and"engagement" will not, it is for clarity for them, plus that is lexicon he is familiar with.

During the same conversation we established that "seeing each other" is a descriptor that we both agree on the meaning of. For both of us it means regular, ongoing interaction without exclusivity. I love me a label!

There was also a very brief chat about the 'no BDSM play for 2 months", rule. It was S's idea not his and came about around the time that I started seeing him. The deal was Prof is allowed to explore play and take the classes with the pro-domme, to hone his skills, but after the last professional session he was to shut down with the outside partners and focus on S. More on Prof and the BDSM another time. But the upshot for me was, this agreement was made before I was really a factor, so I can deal with it.

And the regular is becoming very regular. We couldn't meet for a bonus night on Tuesday as he worked till very late, I had to say that I can't do after 10pm booty calls except for Weds, I get up at 5:30 am and need my beauty sleep. So we met Wednesday for the late night, then Thursday he came round to watch classic Brit Sci-fi , I kicked him out at 11 and then we had a bonus afternoon yesterday, scooter riding and afternoon delight.

When I arrived he was working on one of the scooters, 1978 Vespa Super Sport ( or maybe his bike is the Super Sport, d'oh) , if that means anything to anyone. He said it is "my bike" and when I am comfortable on it, I get to take it home.

We went on the roads around his neigbourhood, I got it into second gear, whoop whoop but stalled it about a million times. Starting and stopping are definitely the hardest for me. He had to come and kick start it for me each time as my ankle is not yet up to bouncing on the kick pedal, I think a pair of hard soled boots is also in order. But very sweet and patient about it.

Then we parked my bike went for a cruise along the coast on the second bike, a beautiful afternoon, I had one of those moments where I get all excited about the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful parts of America. Lucky me. We were going to stop for a drink but realized we didn't have time as he had to pick up S.

Mr In Control Prof would seem to be NREing. 3 visits in a week seems to be becoming the norm, squeezing in a few hours where we can on top of Weds. On one hand I feel a bit guilty because I know he is not supposed see me more than once a week under his rules, technically bonus nights are cheating, on the other hand, well, hmmmm, and I will stop there.
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