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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
At what point was I saying otherwise?
Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I see what you mean here. However I definitely believe that sustaining multiple relationships works best when all relationships involved are healthy and whole.
Actually, as someone new around here who doesn't know your histories or tendencies, I'm glad that GS cleared that up. I was interpreting Ceoli's comment as a form of "works best for everyone" and not "works best for me."

I guess it depends what you meant by relationships being "whole." I interpret that as "meeting all my needs" and like GS said, you can have a really awesome, functional, healthy relationship without it meeting all your needs. I'm bisexual and I really enjoy the love and sexuality of men and women. There's obviously no single person that could meet both those needs, unless they were one of those frogs that can change their gender. But I'm not sexually attracted to frogs, so that leaves me looking for a woman to add to my life and love.
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