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Default The Meet-Up - Part 2

...and THEN... Wow!

I wish I could give you (and me!) a blow-by-blow description is all such a blur of talking and touching and skin and kissing and beer and ice and excitement. The following is my best reconstruction after interviewing the participants after the fact.


I learned her name. I learned that she is in a D/s relationship with her brand-new (less than 1 mos) husband. I am fascinated. I learned that they have a girlfriend (not present). I learned that her instructions for the evening were to wear no panties and a short dress but NO cleavage (SOOO frustrating – in a deliciously tantalizing way). I learned she kisses like MrS's ex and has tits like my VV...

At some point in my 'education' MrS wanders over to the bar. “Ah, I see you made yourself some friends....” I detach my mouth from Abby's earlobe long enough to introduce them. “And this is ...Abby's husband.” He shakes my husband's hand. “I'm TBC...not that anyone is paying attention .” (From the man that has been whispering helpful suggestions in my ear for the last eternity as I attempt to seduce his wife...firmly wedged between her smooth thighs with his hand on my ass.)

We talk (all of us).. We drink (me more than them). There is kissing and fondling and ...we are in a public place! (Don't let your imaginations run wild, people, or do...a little bit .) We give the new bartender some stories to tell...MrS comes to check on me and goes to chat with more people. “I see you are in “good hands”....” I fail to realize that I am racking up quite the bar-tab with high-test beer (bad JaneQ...bad, naughty girl!).

At some point, I fail to realize that I am no longer registering the formation of new memories...(that's OK – MrS is there to make sure that I don't get raped or arrested...standard protocol when I go on one of my “hedonist benders”). Which is quite a shame...there's bits there that I'm sure I would re-play if I could remember them. I DO remember that when we took a break to order drinks and chat a bit more, that one of the attendees said something along the lines of: “Are you two going to be getting back to the kissing part? Some of us are really appreciating that...” I DON'T remember Abby's reply, but I DO remember that it was brilliant.

At some point she got up to use the WC and ...par for the course...I discovered that TBC is the PERFECT kissing height when you are as short as I am. (My boys are both so damn tall.) - and I really wish I remembered that part, 'cause I'm pretty sure it was as delightful as I imagine it was...Apparently, I pulled my “I'm so little and suddenly lonely and ...hey, you're cute.” routine.

At some point, the bar had to close and MrS managed to herd my drunken grinning self to the car and get me home (at which point he calls Dude to report that made a drunken ass out of myself but he managed to get 'McDrunky-Molests-a-lot' home in one piece...and that I had a really good time.)

Nobody seems to remember how I skinned my knee...
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