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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
I've read many threads here in which men seem to have a more difficult time finding someone willing to have this sort of relationship, than women, for exactly the reasons you're finding.

Unless they're already married, themselves, really, what's the benefit to these women of a relationship with someone who only wants to see them part time, when he and his wife aren't busy?
I think this is exactly the perception I'm finding when approaching people. Unless you find exactly the right person who's either already in a committed open relationship, or who's very busy or very private, it doesn't work. Whereas more guys seem more open to a nice side relationship (unfortunately whether their SO knows or not). Yes it is a quality versus quantity.

I'm very conscious of what I'm asking from a woman, and hope/plan/wish that my new relationship(s) will have as much love and attention as my longer term one. This is one of the big current struggles I'm having -- my partner is in the middle of these two, albeit long distance relationships, but they're both intense in their own ways and demand time and attention that is suddenly not available for me. Of course. Duh. Tricky though. Hopefully uncomfortable just because it's all so new and I'm rebooting everything I know about romantic relationships.
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