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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post could start to clear it off your plate NOW rather than wait to do it AFTER you are in some other relationship.

Could reading about jealousy and pitfalls help you with your emotional management?

I totally agree - now is the time to work on me, while I can focus on me. It would be nice to have a chance at relationships brewing, sort of as something to look forward to, but there's only so much I can do. The universe will provide, I hope!

Thanks so much for the links. I'm reading an good book:

It's dense and a little repetitive but does touch on many aspects of what causes jealousy. It's open relationship chapter needs a poly update -- only deals with jealousy in swingers. I will look forward to reading your references. It's hard being the one sitting at home right now, but if I can tackle it and come to terms with it, I'll be in a way better place when I finally connect with someone (who will also be seeing others - jealousy squared?!)
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