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So today on top of everything going on at home had my d&c to try and figure out bleeding issues. Got home to just Lamian being home and the two of us were able to be fairly civil. Later Darkeyes came over, then Woodsmith got home, then Seven. A few interesting things either took place or I learned.

1) It sucks with just Seven home because of the awkwardness we both have of still wanting our relationship. It's worse if Lamian is also home because I still have to see their affection when it's been denied me. If Darkeyes is also there it's currently the worst because it's the slap in the face that she still has get second relationship and we can't.

2) This was the first time I really noticed how this hurts Seven. He got home, sees me (at that moment just upset from the pain) crying, turns and takes a step towards me and then just has his face fall.

3) I also got to see just how much he is still in tuned to me (we always were even when we were just friends) and his attempts to still look out for me. While everyone was at the house I just start getting worse and worse. Everybody else seems to think it's from the surgery. Darkeyes leaves and the rest of us watch a movie. I'm on the couch all stretched out, Woodsmith is sitting at the one of the couch, Lamian is sitting iv the chair next to where my head is. As Seven walks by she scootches over and motions for him to cuddle on the chair with her. He tells her no and walks over to the other side of the room to sit in another chair.

Despite the relationship seeming to be dead (at not even with an undead zombie/vampire ability) at least it does seem the friendship between Seven and I will probably be salvaged. And I realized that Lamian either doesn't realize (what I think I believe is more likely) or doesn't care she's causing me such distress.
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