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zampana, what is poly to you ?

some (myself) it's a way of expanding the family, having that additional partner that lives with you if possible (preferable)
-typically as poly is followed by 'amory', how loving are those additional relationships when they're one-night-stands, or there is no consideration for commitment and trying to make it work

others use poly as a term that means little more than a swinger.

so what does poly mean to you ?, what does it mean to your wife ?

before looking at if it's easier for men or women, or who it benefits more (men or women), ... depends what your after, depends what your searching for, depends what your finding.

if those 3 things are in line, then it will benefit you
if what your after is different than what your searching for, then what your finding won't give you what you want.
do you know what you want ?

all the same goes for your wife.
she may be having an easier time of it now, which is fine if that's what she wants, ... if it's not what she wants though, well it's not going to make her happy then. just like yourself.

everything that applies to you applies to your wife, and vice versa.

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