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It seems to me that poly women have an easier time finding partners because some men are okay with casual/non-exclusive dating even if they're not poly themselves, but poly men basically have to date women who are truly poly. But if you only look at poly people, I don't think there's a big gender difference.

Personally, I don't think being female makes it easier for me to find partners (which has to do with my asexuality and kooky relationship outlooks, of course). Yes, I got a lot of messages on OKC, but most were from guys who were only looking for sex or casually dating. I'm not interested in casual dating. I don't want to take every relationship to the "next level" (moving in together, etc.), and I don't need frequent contact, but that doesn't mean I don't need commitment and emotional intimacy. Also, I don't think I can be attracted to someone who's not committed to poly, because compatible relationship views is a big deal to me.
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