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Default I think you may be a bit misguided

As someone who studied evolutionary psychology in university I think you're rather misguided. Sounds to me like you're taking pop psychology advice from people who don't know what they're talking about. People were more or less poly, or at least serial monogamists back in the day. The males with the most women were aggressive, and usually pretty rapey. Not something to emulate in a civilized society.

Dating isn't about alpha, or beta, or any of that crap. Its about compatibility and chemistry. You don't need to control your partner, they deserve their autonomy.

If you aren't happy with the relationship style she needs to be happy, that's a barrier to compatibility.

Personally I hate the "being nice is bad, I should be a controlling dick if I want to be successful with women" attitude. It's disrespectful, and those who advise such behavior are usually patriarchial, sexist, and angry at women who have scorned them in the past.

My suggestion: Drop all the pick up artist crap, and just do what works for you. If this relationship isn't working, it's time to consider changing it or moving on. There is no such thing as "game" just men that can either attract women by being awesome, and those who brow beat women with low self esteem into doing what they say.

(also, in terms of poly being a female agenda, that's pretty silly considering how many men are polyamorous, and were the ones to bring it up, or initiate it. It's not a thing that belongs to any one gender.)
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