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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
But be sure if you do choose monogamy, it is because that's what makes you happy; not because you're a wuss if you're not mono or out of some paranoia that poly is a secret female agenda. (Thanks for the laugh btw.)
Bookbug, glad you got a laugh out of it!

But I honestly have to admit to having a part of me that tells me that! And you'd be amazed at the feedback I've gotten on non poly friendly dating boards. More than a few people out there respond to it reflexively as an innately feminine perspective and objective, to try and maximize multiple partner's submission into a configuration that serves their hypergamic goals (unconscious, largely) and desires.

I know it's fairly ridic, but I can't lie and say some of my conditioning doesn't bark the same stuff, and hearing it echoed back as a cacophony can be alarming when one is in a sensitive phase of transition!
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