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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
In other words, my poly relationships are complete whole entities in and of themselves. I don't treat my poly relationships like a jigsaw puzzle where I put each one together to give me everything on my list of what I would love in a relationship.
Yeppers, (notice my bolding)

I understand this perfectly.
This is YOUR unique & individual truth.
Which is likely rooted it your own personal views & desires. Anyone has the ability to 'choose' to be happy. We all have the ability to reduce our needs & wants to a level that is easy to satisfy. These to me are admirable traits.

But that is NOT the reality/view of many others. And they also deserve support in finding their own path.
Not condemnation.
You understand this - I know.

But any 'lack' CAN make relationships unhealthy. Especially if it goes unheeded and unaddressed. It festers. And sometimes those 'lacks' can be easily filled !
Other times they can't - and maybe shouldn't. Each situation has to be addressed individually.

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