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Wow great reply.. Just what i needed.

as to #4 question. He says I love you to her. But now with the complications he has said that hes not sure he can give the level of love(in his mind that she needs) she not asking for a Wife type love but, just a little romance

As to "Now I feel obligated to help them to correct some issues in there marriage and be part of the solution not the problem"
Yes that is what we are doing, were there to listen and NOT pass judgement or influence things. I knew the pit falls of over stepping that one.
Ive told them VERBALLY, that we love them. and support them in ANY WAY we can to help.

#1 & #2: are kinda the same question just different feelings.
I see where she was unknowingly transferring her feeling and love towards me.(now I do) and she and I still say our love is the same. But i know realistically that the level will be different and her connection may be different after they get the house in order.
who know things could even be better then imagined for us after....?

I guess the truth of the matters is they might have not admitted to each other the honesty of the errors in there marriage. Till our love between us 4 came so strong. We are honored to have connected so strong, and to be with them.

Yes patients is tough, and the feeling like you just broke up with your girlfriend, "But i still want to be friends" is tough was back in the day too.

we all still communicate daily(text, short calls) and I have faith that all is going to work out and be even better then imagined.

I personally have changed my personality so much to fit the mind set to be healthy in the Poly. And it scares me to lose what we have
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