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I think it boils down to worrying about how much he actually care about me (is it more of a selfish "she's good to me, so I care" kind of thing or a genuine caring) and wondering what the future holds. There are so many things in transition right now that things have been very up in the air (scheduling, when we can talk, etc), and I really like structure. I need to feel like I am being made a priority in the midst of all this madness.
So... what behavior would you like from him?

To schedule a talk about what he sees the future might hold (at this point in time)?

To schedule a regular date each week/month? Or a regular email or phone check in each week if face time is not possible? Something else you like? So you can expect something scheduled?

If so... could ask him if he is willing/able to do that behavior to try to meet your need at this time.


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