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Originally Posted by jillb069 View Post
I know that cheating is wrong and when I cheated I was a stupid and lost little girl.

Out of all the members on this site, I cannot be the only one who has cheated.
Hi Jill,

Well - I hope you don't abandon the forum - or other similar sites that shed light on complexities of polyamory.

Because you are absolutely right - many or even most - who knows, of people living happy poly lives may have 'cheated' (by definition) at some point and likely for the same reason you did.

Because you didn't have sufficient knowledge to do otherwise. You're young, new to love in general, inexperienced at navigating it, and caught in a culture of "me first - right NOW"

So if you do believe that polyamory may be the right fit for you, take this one experience to heart, learn it has nothing what-so-ever to do with poly (the way it played out) and start studying & thinking.

And you will find there's lots of great people more than willing to help you sort it all out for yourself by sharing their experiences and perspectives.

Reach out - don't shut out

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