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Originally Posted by Natja View Post

I wouldn't ask other partner not to read my blog, he already knows it exists and I don't think it is fair to say 'hey dude, I have this blog, in it I write about our relationship, how I am feeling and what currently pisses me off about you, other people read it and sometimes offer support or suggestions but don't read it'
That to me is a bit (lot) cruel....but I accept some people feel that is a totally valid thing to say to a partner but I don't. If I want to have a private space than I will have a private space without dangling my 'Warhammer' blog in front of them like Pandora's box.
Ah, k. Seems we basically agree apart from the dickish dangling aspect. I guess a lot depends on how it's done and what your partners are like.

If I have cookies and I don't want my partner to eat those cookies, one particular partner may prefer not to know about the cookies at all. Another wouldn't mind knowing about the cookies, but would prefer if I hid them. Another may be quite able to avoid eating the cookies, even if they were left freshly baked on the kitchen table.

To me, the only dickish move, regardless of partner, would be teasingly scarfing the cookies in front of them, or waving it under their nose, or in front of their mouths. That would just be annoying.
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