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Originally Posted by Confused View Post
I guess in my head I have two meanings of love and how to define each of them I don't know. I guess something similar to "to show love" and "to feel love".
I can certainly choose to show love (and this has the added benefit of increasing the feelings of love I have for that person). I don't think you can turn off the feeling of love, although it can be eroded over time of course.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

Yes ! I'm glad you brought that up because I absolutely agree that we can (and should whenever possible) CHOOSE to ACT in a loving manner.
As if we actually had that 'feeling' you speak of - even if we maybe don't (yet?).

And that part of 'choice' I suspect we can ALL agree on (?) and basically put to bed for purposes of discussion.

Which leaves us stuck with understand the 'feeling' part.........

Glad you brought that out !

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