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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
personally I think it is a dick move to tell them that you have a blog and everyone and their Uncle Harry can read it but not you (oh great love of my life that you are,,,,,)!!!
To me, it makes sense to request partners not to read your blog. I write out my shadows on my blog. I'm writing about my relationships, and sometimes difficult emotions. There have been times when I've blogged here about something to get to figure what it is that I need or want, and what it is that I need to say to my partners.

One of the reasons that I think this forum, and especially the blogs, are important is that non-monogamy is still a largely unseen practice, and most of us don't have many models of it in our physical neighbourhoods.

I want to blog on these public forums to share the "back end" of my relationship life, as just one example of how this shit works or doesn't.

I also like blogging here for the community of folks. And the opportunity to write and chronicle.

I mean, this isn't unique or earth-shattering stuff. May be pretty obvious. My point is that some of these aims could possibly be better met if I was able to create a more "private" public space. Is that such a dick move?

I'm with JaneQ... I'd expect partners to be able to respect my spaces if I asked them to. But perhaps it's about why you're making the request? I'd say my request was pretty reasonable, and I know my partners would agree.
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