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Originally Posted by cryingshame View Post
I reckon it is not possible to let people you care about read what you've written about them without censoring yourself.
Yeah, you're probably right. However, I'm tempted to try. I dunno. We can always revert if it's not working?

I was struck by how this falls into that weird liminal space between permission and invasion. Say I had a decrepit building, for example, and it was just there for the exploring, in the middle of somewhere. It's my place, I can leave it however the fuck I want. Don't have to worry about shit lying around, the floor breaking in places.

Now if you came upon this building, knowing that it was not necessarily open for drop-in visitors, that it was not necessarily safe to explore, you would take caution. If the stairs collapsed beneath you, that would be your fault entirely - and you'd know it.

However, if I had given you permission of any kind to be there, or even perhaps knew that you, or people in general, were likely to find this place and wander around, I might feel the need to modify things a little, put up a sign or wrap danger tape around the dodgy bits.

But I'd rather write with abandon, and expect anyone fossicking around to take care of themselves.

Here is my alternative: I purpose I read stuff thatís over x (6? 12) months old only.
You say this after stating that you don't believe you can stick to any boundaries. It's all or nothing. I think this is probably something you need to figure out for yourself.

I get what you're saying, though. You mean that, if you reassured me that you wouldn't be reading anything fresh, then I wouldn't feel any pressure to change the way I write. Yeah, I mean, you could do this if you liked. Sounds like it may not work in practice though

is she cool with me reading her blog anytime i want?
Not sure. I'd like to be?

I don't want to compromise how safe this space is for me to write in. I am unsure whether this is a compromise.

I've also been thinking that this may be less about the 'issue at hand' (whether I'm cool with you reading my blog) and more about a 'reality check' about what a public blog is. Dance like no one's watching, sure, but am I really okay that people may be watching?

As long as I don't open my eyes... ?

I find this topic pretty interesting. Thanks for joining this thread, and forum. Hmm, gonna be even harder to resist reading now, eh? Love you too.
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