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nycindie - yeah, sorry, gets confusing.

Both Ocean and Grotto have work in the other city at the moment. Ocean especially finds it hard to get work in his field (he's an academic in a fairly niche field) and it's best if he stays where he is for now. Also, Grotto just moved and needs to be there for his career. So, makes more sense for me to move back and try to find work, if I don't want to be long-distance.

It's funny, though. While theoretically it would "fix" things, if people moved here so I could stay in this city, the thought of it doesn't feel like a Great Solution to me. I think I'm enjoying my life in this city right now. People moving here would mean I that I could stay here, but it would also then be another kind of life.

You know, apart from happily having a job here, what I like about where I am right now is probably more about my way of being rather than the place itself. I'm feeling more fluid, with more room to explore. I go where I want when I want, follow the wind. More often than not, no one knows exactly where I am. Unbeholden.

And yet, I still want to build family, and make house. Desires are such wondrous contradictions at times.
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