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Things are trucking along as normal with Kip. I asked him today about me starting to date again. I actually have a weekend kid free, so of course the mind wonders to "wouldn't it be nice if I had someone to....with." He said he was happy for me to date again. Then reality set in again, I have more than enough to do this weekend and really that could come crashing to halt at any point.
I saw Yo this week too, we went to see Elysium, I really enjoyed it, just my cup of tea. He wants to see me again, in the naked sense of the word. We are currently negotiating by text, does anyone pick-up the phone anymore? He is also heavily time restricted due to kids but our kids have met so that is not an issue anymore. But time remains an issue. Ho hum, thinking.
Then onto Prof. We had our night with the pro-dominatrix which was great fun. We tried knife play, rope bondage, various restraints and some other fun stuff. She has a super dungeon room, lots of interesting items and she is very knowledgeable about her craft. She teaches classes and is a frequent dungeon master in the city, a lovely lady. I would highly recommend to her anyone wanting to explore kink.
Behind all this BDSM learning is Prof's desire to get S interested in play. She has the final session next month. I asked him what will be the next step after that. He replied, " No play with anyone but her for the next couple of months while we sort this out." Excuse me???????? Another couple made unilateral decision???? Like the 3 week monogamy thing of June? Which he only stuck to whilst I was out of the country.
I don't know if this will be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I felt very "secondary". The relationship that we have is not as important as that with S. I can see the 2 month moratorium on play being his idea, to make her feel secure in exploring , he said she is insecure about him playing with others although I am the only sex and play partner, the others are strictly play only. The other option is he tells her he will not play with me but does anyway, I believe the correct term for that is lying. Pah. If we couldn't play due to a health issue or something then I would understand more easily, but this self-imposed restriction? Argh.
Am I over reacting? We have so much fun otherwise. We did not meet to start a kink relationship so it is not the be all and end all, but still, I feel pushed to the side. Let's pop you up on the shelf and take you down and dust of you off when it is time to play again. I don't think that is his intent, he is somewhat OCD and when focusing on something does seem to become a bit blind to other things. So he is focusing on S and their play, things with Atlantis run smoothly so that will continue as normal just without the play. I don't know whether to speak up at this point or see how things play out.
Hmmm, should think less about the men folk and more about my classes.
Me: mid 40s female.
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