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We are out to everyone, and i mean everyone, even the people we know hate it. All 4 or our familys know, and work collegues etc...

I decided to be out because I can't lie, and becaues i don't want to live a lie. I am doing nothing shameful so im not going to act like i am. That being said there have been some very intresting consaquences to my being out,

1, i have been called a whore more times than i can remember now, whore, prostatute, slut, iv been called disgusting and even had someone tell me that they "hoped i catched something from my next victim"

2, my partners often get people tell them that i am obviously a manipulative evil cow and that they would be better off without me,

3, my Dad has disowned me

4, my step mother has threatened to physically hurt me

5, im prob challanged on being poly around once or twice a week it doesn't go away people don't seem to settle down once they know there are still always lots of personnal questions and gossip around me

6, i have just been slandered in the media


i do NOT regret my desision to be out, no matter what i dont' want to live a lie but I am very very tierd at the moment of everything and it is starting to get to me.

anyone thinking of being out i think needs to be aware that sometimes it really is not easy.

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