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Thank you for your kind words. I have not defined what I would want to get out of this myself. It does affect me in a way to see my wife like this, she seems happier and I don't want to deny her happiness. Also, I have to admit it's a bit of a turn on. She feels more desired now and I am noticing that in a positive way.

I am just trying to find out, if I could also have this. A loving extra relationship with someone else. I am not the kind of person to just screw around, I have been loyal for 13 years. But I need to find out for myself if this is something for me. I will have to attend a group to talk about this. I see there is a meet in Ottawa soon so.....

We have already agreed that she will move back in here and that she will see him a few days a week. I just don't think I am comfortable right now with sleepovers. We have a kid to take care of and I am not sure if I could deal with it, if I was always the one staying at home watching the kid, while she spends time sleeping with him. That's not weird right?
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