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Nycindie: Thanks for the tip! I'd done a brief search prior to making this post, but found that the advice kind of got lost amongst other topics. ♥ I'll try to look more thoroughly!

Idealist: Thanks! Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! And yeah, normally, I would agree, but the three of us did hours long Skype sessions before starting this up; it just sort of carried over from our friendship. So it seems a bit weird not to at this point? If that makes any sort of sense. ♥

SchrodingersCat: Thanks. ♥ I have a tendency to overthink things, so I'm definitely looking to answer a problem that doesn't exist. She's told us that, as far as she and her needs are concerned, we're doing just fine. I'm just overly paranoid, I think, because I've only ever heard horror stories about how relationships like this crash and burn.
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