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I don't mind OT conversation if nobody else does

I would be happy to be with my husband and only my husband forever, we have had a wonderful 11 years together so far. We are limited on time together, but its not my husband's choice to work in the evenings, its just the nature of his job and I know he misses me as much as I miss him when we can't be together.

But this friend and ex, I have always had feelings for and always very much wanted to keep as a friend. I broke up with him in the first place because I fell hard for someone else, not because I didn't love him. I hurt him very much.

I wouldn't be looking for someone else to love, but he's there and I already love him. I want him in my life forever and would rather that was as a friend than risk everything for a romantic connection. But if I could have a bit of both.. well that would seem like a dream come true.
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