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Talking Comedy Club

So I went to a comedy club in Sunnyvale. The host was pretty funny. He started out talking about living in Oakland where there were 175 homocides last year. In Sunnyvale, there were zero. So his question was, "Why do people travel from Sunnyvale to Oakland to kill people?" He went on with a few more jokes.

At one point he decided that he was having no luck dating single people, so he put an ad in the paper to meet up with a married woman for a discrete encounter. He gets a reply and meets this woman. So while they are talking, he asks, "So does your husband know?"

She says, "Yes, my husband is cool with it. It is my boyfriend who doesn't know."

She the host says that he discovered this culture of people who are into "polyamory." So I am cracking up at this point because I never heard someone joke about polyamory before. A few friends who know me start laughing also because they have heard me talk about it for so long.

The host goes on to explain that polyamory people are into all sorts of sex with other people in a loving environment. He says, "'Polyamory' comes from the Greek, 'poly,' to mean 'many' and from the latin, 'amory,' to mean 'diseases.'"

So I figured that I should share that we are becoming more even more mainstream now.
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