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Actually yeah I do feel guilty and sad. Don't let the solid tin chest fool ya, there's big heart somewhere in there. I wrote the post after the explosion occurred and was still a little shocked with it, plus there was a funeral going on in my family and her family. Both deaths were from old age and not surprising but still a lot to take. I'll call her a more endearing name this time, Cadence is beautiful girl and I love her very much. I miss looking into those gorgeous, blue eyes and telling her I love her. I love her enough to let her go. She may be devastated now, but I think in time she will realize that I can't be what she wants me to be no matter how much I love her. I know that cheating is wrong and when I cheated I was a stupid and lost little girl. I'm still stupid and lost but not stupid enough not to realize that keeping Cadence was preventing me from finding my path. I learned from my mistakes. And to answer the question about was I looking for sympathy or support? Both kind of. I was more looking for a similar story. Out of all the members on this site, I cannot be the only one who has cheated. Call me cruel but we're not all perfect. Someone else reading this thread has hurt somebody in some way and has learned from that experience. No? Then I'm really in the wrong place.
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