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Hi! I'm also in a V for almost a year now with a married couple. I'm a single guy, my gf is married, and is lucky to have an awesome metamour. While it appears I'm merely the "3rd wheel" or a secondary, but I never felt that way. They treated me as co-equal. She assured me that it is only from the legal perspective that I'm a "secondary" since I'm not married to her. I can hold her hands in public and display some modest affection, date or dine anywhere (except to some "hot spots" near her workplace or where her colleagues usually hang out). I also introduced her to my family and friends as my gf (not mentioning she is married, of course). They also bring me to their family gatherings as a family friend. I care about her and so I dont want her to get into trouble. Those minor discreetness arrangements (on some "hot spots") don't bother or annoy me at all. Just sharing my experience.

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