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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
Quick question: If I block someone, does it tell them they're blocked? Or does it just appear to them that I no longer have a profile? Could they still read a message I sent them prior to blocking them?

If you put someone on your Blocked list, it means they are blacklisted and can't send you any messages anymore, either to your inbox or on the OKC chat thingie. However, unless they've deleted your discussion threads from their inboxes, they will still be able to read all your previous messages. Nothing you can do about that. I believe they will know you blocked them because they cannot send a message to you if they try to - they get some kind of notification about that.

Note that they will still be able to find you in a search for Matches or on the front page feed/ticker, unless you "Hide" them as well.

So, to Hide someone, you can either click on their profile and select the "Hide" button, or go to your settings and find the "Hidden Users" tab, where you can type in their names. Once Hidden, and they can't see you in any places where OkCupid would normally "suggest" other profiles, such as QuickMatch, "You Might Like" in the left sidebar, Quiver, the homepage ticker, any search you do for Matches, or the activity list on the homepage, etc.

If you hide someone, then you will also not show up in those places to them but they can still search specifically for you by username. They have no way of knowing that you hid them. So, basically you need to do both - Block and Hide -- to stop someone from seeing you on OKC, to stop seeing them, and to stop getting messages from someone.

All this does no good if the offending person changes his/her username - then you have to do it all over again. There was a guy who kept doing that to me for almost a year, it was like being stalked! He knew I'd blocked him and then would send me short cryptic little messages from a new username after that, again and again and again. If someone is being creepy, you can report them.

EDITED: I didn't even see this comment before posting my response above, LOL:
Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ask NYCindie about blocking. I think she blocks idiots every day.
Yeah, unfortunately, I've become an expert on it. That's why my OKC account is currently disabled!
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