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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ugh, london, this is all kinds of messed up.

First of all, on their side. She's not on board with him being poly. DADT sucks. It's all sketchy. I'd not date a man whose OSO wasn't OK with him being poly. Full stop.

He can not carry on a healthy poly relationship with you, whether it's early, late or fucking Christmas! Also, he can't "make" you feel anything, insecure, secure, happy, sad. Own your own emotions.

Me? I'd step back and see if he and his other gf can make any progress in how they are managing poly. I hear the sex is great, but how can you stand being the unwelcome "other woman?"
Ditto.. Absolute red flags... Full stop until they can figure stuff out. This is like watching a train wreck. The odds of shut hitting the fan are high..
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