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I am comfortable around my friends, but can still be very quiet. I'm becoming much more open with friends and some family in general, speaking up more often. As quiet and shy as I can be sometimes, it is very subjective because I'm a retail manager and I have to be very assertive and well spoken with customers and staff :P
I think being in a poly relationship has really strengthened my communication skills alot though, especially with my husband. We took for granted alot of feelings and experiences, not always sharing our thoughts. Now we talk about everything and it's made us feel much closer to each other. Sometimes that seems so odd that adding another person to the dynamic makes people closer when most monogamous people would believe the opposite!
I'm trying to find openings in conversations with people to let them know about being poly, but it's proving difficult. I don't tend to initiate conversations so waiting for someone to bring up something I can lead into poly is not easy. I just need to get over my shyness and start being more open and honest about alot of things. Being too quiet has been holding me back in alot of things and wanting to be open about being poly is just the latest example.
No hard feelings, I really do appreciate being able to banter back and forth with people on the forums, so much persective, experience, and wisdom
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