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As one of the longer term partners mentioned in above discussion


To reply to your letter: I reckon there is absolutely no hurry bubble. I love you, we beat in time together the way the wind kissed a sail (and who is the wind? and who is the sail?). When it comes down to dinner condiments, you are my salt, and while I do have an incredibly strong desire to read what youíve written ( part of this being just wanting to indecently spread the crematorium curtains open and peer directly into the molten window of our souls, part of this being simply to hear my own story told in someone elseís voice),but anyways and disregardless, I mean, that is to say: nonetheless and notwithstanding -- I would advise caution.

You say that me & S reading what you've written wonít affect the way you write in future, but I reckon that it will. I've seen this first hand. You've already said -- could it be possible I let you read this section and not that section? And I reckon it is not possible to let people you care about read what you've written about them without censoring yourself. Especially when the element on the stovetop is still hot. Be careful, this is your space, donít give away your freedoms too easy.

Besides which I think: Nah. By which I mean: No, I could not do that. I could not read x and z and not y. My curiosity would be incurable, insatiable, gluttonous.. I would break, I donít think I could help myse f.I would think ďwhat terrible secrets is she keeping from me?Ē And this kind of censorship kinda vaguely leads me to believe this is not the actual admittedly ambiguous very fuzzy slightly blurry sort-of thing you want anyway.

Here is my alternative: I purpose I read stuff thatís over x (6? 12) months old only. Six months, a year, that shit has a kinda distance from ourselves, itís no longer some kinda greedy street urchin got its nose pressed up against the Christmas window of the present , six months later the drums of war donít seem beat so close to us.

I love you m.

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