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Originally Posted by london View Post
Generally, I agree with this, but, I feel like if one person is displaying behaviour that is unreasonable or even harmful, then they do have some responsibility to why that person is left feeling negatively.
I believe that if someone is displaying unreasonable or harmful behaviour, then it's my responsibility to protect myself. People don't typically continue harmful behaviour because they get some pleasure from it. They continue it because they don't feel capable of fixing it.

I think the behaviour on his part that is unreasonable at this time is continuing this instability where it could have been resolved by now.
That's where he is right now in his life. Unstable. This is not something he's doing "to you." You entered the life of someone in an unstable relationship, and you're experiencing the natural outcome of that instability. Now you're making their instability "about you." It's not. It's about them. If you don't want to be involved in the instability, then don't be. Plain and simple. By choosing to remain involved with him, you're choosing the instability that comes with him.
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