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Comment from Woodsmith to prelude this post because it explains the post well. "This is why I don't try to comfort people, I always say the wrong thing and make it worse."

Start off, Seven and I had our first friendly conversation since last week. Was about the show I worked and how it weren't/felt. Then awkward silence because neither of us apparently know what to do. He went downstairs to the patio which is where Woodsmith was studying. After probably a half hour or forty five minutes he came back up, said goodnight very coolly, and went to bed. I went down to talk to Woodsmith.

Asked how Seven had seemed. Told broken and that Woodsmith felt everything he brought up just made it worse. Talked about the fact that even though the two of us broke up he still sees Seven as a really close friend and that I also want that friendship back but that right now I don't know how to act as just his friend when I love him so much (all true). Seven stated he felt the same essay. Both of them talked about that while Seven and I are good for each other and Lamian and he are good for each other the two of us girls aren't good for each other. Seven admitted that he couldn't handle being inbetween us any more and just gave up fighting. Said that she and I needed to work out our shit.

Knowing he was broken broke me more because I want to be able to comfort him and can't because I don't know how as just a friend at the moment. Also got pissed about the thing with me and Lamian not working on our shit because first I wanted and asked for the three of us to have a sit down with a mediator and the reason I hangs approached her on anything was threefold. One, she wasn't present to talk to even when she was home. Two, if she bottled stuff up and snapped at him I was afraid she'd be worse to me because she doesn't love me. And three, he asked me because he said we weren't at a spot we could talk to have him be a go-between. Woodsmith is wondering if despite saying that Seven realized he couldn't do it anymore.

As for where we go from here I guess Seven put it best talking to Woodsmith. Same shit, different day.
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