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Default Long Distance Relationship Advice


So, M's and my third, R, lives in another state. It's about a 2 hour plane ride away, and tickets are kind of expensive. She just came out her this past weekend, and things between the three of us went very well. We'll be going out to see her in October, and she's planning on coming out in December for her birthday to spend it with us.

M and I had a ldr when we first started dating, so I know it can work. (We're now married, after all ) I guess my question is whether or not anyone has any advice on how to maintain a ld poly relationship? The three of us Skype every night for a few hours, and M and R tend to talk on the phone during their drives home. The three of us e-mail back and forth and text and IM throughout the day, so it's not that we're not communicating.

I think I'm just worried about R on her own and how to reassure her that we're thinking of her and that we miss her? We've all decided that, if this works, then either R will move closer or M and I will move closer, with the eventual goal of moving in together in the far off future.

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