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Default date night

Very stressful start to the day. I do think I'm going to take the job if I pass their test tomorrow, but as long as they are within $5 per hour of what I've asked for; otherwise it wouldn't be worth it to go back into an industry I left two years ago for less than what I made four years ago.

This Labor Day weekend will be spent visiting with nephew and his kids. Then school shopping on Monday (got to get those sales). Tuesday the oldest two return to school (yeah ~ love being with them all the time but it'll be nice having them out of the house).

Well tonight is my first official date since DH and I made a choice of polyamory. DH sent me this amazing text last night explaining how much he loves me, that in developing relationships with another that he wants this other person to value me as much as he does. Basically that this person should respect my time, my boundaries, to value me, and appreciate the time he/she will get with me. It brought tears to my eyes that he's overcoming his jealousy/envy/insecurities.

We had a good date night and it actually was just us as us and no bdsm play. I was too tired after working out. I thought working out is suppose to give me new energy but not yet. I always feel great but a few hours afterwards I'm ready for bed. Must be the prior days' late nights just catching up with me.

I'll post soon how my date goes tonight. Take care and I hope it's a great day for everyone else!
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