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Default Getting back to basics

Yesterday Redpepper and I sat down for a coffee and a chat. Unfortunately she spent more time listening than getting to speak LOL! There has been a lot of stuff going on and I wanted to have a time to just let her know all the thoughts that have been circulating in my mind. These are the kind of thoughts that create distance if not shared which reduces the depth of our connection. Neither of us is happy unless we are at a very deep level which requires a lot of communication and honesty. I spoke about the journey we are on and its different possibilities. It is at times uncomfortable and embarrassing for me to talk about things that seem repetitive or without reason but it is incredibly important to broach these reset parts of the foundation of our relationship. We spoke about the positives and negatives, the excitement and hesitation.

I left feeling light and connected as I think she did as well.
All of us in our chosen family are very big on looking deep into things, sharing and reasoning why we are so sure this was meant to be. This is a lot of work but it is who we are and why we are so sure that taking care of each other is meant to be our path.

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