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I swing in and out of openess depending on my mood. When I first moved back to the town I'd grown up in I told my friends and I think my mom that I was poly. Mostly I just got odd looks and nobody really brought it up again or anything. But I haven't actually been in a poly relationship since being back so by now I'm sure it's pretty much forgotten. I became a fan of some poly group on facebook as a subtle gesture of openness, figuring people can ask me about it if they want to, but I don't feel much need to proclaim it from the rooftops. Of course if I get back into such a relationship, more questions will arise and need to be answered. I figure I will deal with things as they arise and try not to stress about potential problems that don't really exist yet.
Telling people I was bi got me a lot more odd looks and perhaps some disgust, but it hasn't been brought up in a few years since I haven't been involved with another guy in some time. It tended to arise in situations like drinking games like "I never..." "kissed a boy" or such. Maybe it hasn't come up because I haven't played drinking games lately, lol.
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