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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Do you think it would be possible to throw that switch 'off' - to 'choose' otherwise - to stop loving those who you feel love for ? Granted you might 'choose' to stop certain expressions of it if you were forced to - but could you intentionally cancel what you feel in your heart ?

YES. I could. I have and I could do it again. That is because of how I view "love". I realize there is something else there, inside of you that many define as love. I don't believe it is love. That is my personal discovery. I think love, like many emotions is complex. It is a term used to describe and encompass these feelings. I decided that there is "love" and then there are other emotions or feelings associated in society with the term "love". -

Kind've similar to jealousy, actually, in the sense that jealousy is a term that can encompass many different emotions.

So, Some of those feelings that love is sometimes used to blanket over, such as compassion, empathy, generosity, etc. can stick around if I think of a good memory or something.

Case in point - I have these memories of my abusive ex... It Certainly does NOT mean I love him. EGAD.
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