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Unhappy Family Stuff

I am doing quite wonderfully. I am off today, so my little guy is spending the day with me. We had breakfast at this bakery in South Yarra with DH after he dropped our daughter off at school. I love spending time with my son. It takes very little to make him happy. Cuddling with him is enough to keep a smile on his face. He is easygoing just like his daddy.

DH and I are doing well. We are still a work in progress. We are scheduled for a lunch date with our son in a couple of hours. 3/4 of the family but still family time. Father's Day is Sunday, and duckie #1's class is hosting a Father's Day breakfast, on Friday, which is really sweet. So all in all, everything in our lives is going as well as can be expected.

Now for the heavier stuff.

My nephew is finally getting the help he needs that stems from Parental Alienation Syndrome. Backstory: he was alienated from my sister for three months during the summer of 2012. His paternal grandparents kidnapped him. Sordid situation that still makes my blood boil. His sister is with the father, but she needs treatment, too. My sister talks to her on his whim. 99% of the time, she has no idea where her daughter is because he refuses to allow her to have contact. That was the second time he had kidnapped my niece and legally got away with it. The first time was in March 2005. My sister was leaving him, and he took her in a public place. He had already had plans in place and secured physical and sole custody in the following weeks.

From March 2005 to December 2010, she might have seen her daughter a handful of times. In 2010, he had his parents drop her off at my sister's home because he was tired of caring for her. My sister had her from December 2010 to June 2012, which was when he decided to take her back. The grandparents asked to see her and her brother. My sister being the sweet person she is agreed because they are his parents. She had no idea that the sperm donor was part of it and orchestrated it all. They told my sister they would be back at x time. The time came and went. When she called them repeatedly, they informed her that they were not bringing them back. They proceeded to cut off their phones and disappeared. The police were immediately involved, and they basically dismissed it because she told them they could visit. It took getting the man from the Tiffany Rubin case involved, and once he got involved, progress was made. My sister's life became a movie last summer. The police gave them less than 24 hours to get back and surrender them, or they would be arrested and charged with enough crimes to never see the light of day again. Obviously, they surrendered.

They brought them back, but the damage was done. They had been indoctrinated, brainwashed, spoon fed information like they had been abused by my sister's partner. This is common in alienation. The daughter was saying things like malnourished and something about the cells in her body. No child old I know talks about that. They were like little zombies and robots. In lieu of the allegations, my niece and nephew were placed with my parents. The allegations were later unfounded. The daughter was devoid of empathy, and she admitted to lying about everything in this very satanic-like prayer. It scared me enough to fear leaving my daughter and newborn son close to her for fear that she would do something to them. My mother refused to let my baby brother stay at the house when she was there.

My niece is a pawn in her father's sick and very messed up game to get back at my sister for leaving him. He actually leaves her with his parents to raise. He has drug abuse issues, and he has been behind bars since the last custody hearing. He is an unfit parent, and it is like no one wants to acknowledge it. He managed to sustain custody because of a technicality, and she has been fighting since last year to try to get her daughter back. Honestly, I believe there might be sexual abuse because he is a little too obsessed with her. It was something my niece asked me that just seemed odd for a then 9 y/o. There is something not right with her paternal relatives. Starting from the grandmother to the mother to her father to her uncles, aunts, and cousins. That family is not right. As far as my niece, she reminds me of a bipolar schizophrenic.

My nephew has anger issues severe enough that a child psychiatrist felt that he needs to be on mood stabilisers. He is 8, and he threatened another child's life. There is a complex dynamic there. His father wants nothing to do with him, and he cannot wrap his head around that. After 7 years of no contact by the sperm donor's own choosing, he finally had some of his attention and love. Sadly, that love was only temporary and lasted long enough for him to get his sister back. He only wanted my niece. As messed up as it sounds, my nephew has been left with that, and he is angry at my sister because he thinks she is keeping him away from his sperm donor. When in reality, she could not even get him to call my nephew on his birthday last year, and he refuses to support him. It makes me mad because he desperately wants his father to love him, but he just acts like he was never born.

I have to get the little one ready for lunch, and I need to think about all of this. As with anything, I hope it works out, and I am glad my nephew is in therapy. They say everything happens for a reason. Hope everyone is doing well.

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