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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Starting your own poly group would be great, or get with the organizers and see about setting up alternate meeting locations. It takes us 30 minutes to get anywhere around here . However, I wasn't necessarily talking about a poly group - any group where you can share interests of any kind and find people to connect with. I joined a re-enactment group, I like history, sewing and camping, it works - talk about a group full of alternate lifestyles and sci-fi geeks that like to sew and make things .
Well I might have a job (career really) after I go back for a working interview Thursday. I'm not complaining because I do love the spread of my kids (15, 8 almost & 2). The kids take up different parts of the day & evening (15 yo is very much a hardcore soccer player year round-went to Hawaii in June), then trying to fit dinner in & then dh is a chef so his hours are whacked. I'll figure it out & if they offer the position to me, then I'll meet new people.

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