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Originally Posted by Merricat View Post
Yes, I know I am a party to this woman's betrayal. I admit my guilt, but I am in love and too weak to give him up.
You have the unique opportunity to get his other girlfriend on board with this... if I were in your situation (you and the girlfriend you get along with) I would find it in myself to put all emotions aside and tell him that either he tells her what is going on and accepts the consequences or you will and you won't be sticking around for the fall out.... then if he doesn't, you can tell her in the kindest way possible who you are and that you are unable to stay with him because you feel she is not being treated with the respect she deserves.

Then I would make an escape plan (maybe start making it now?) and wait.

Mono wasn't saying that YOU should tell her, he should do his own dirty work and if he doesn't then I would consider is word crap from then on in.... he has a last chance to put it right and be honorable and show integrity... if he doesn't fess up to all his dirty deeds then he can't be trusted and I for one would not waste my time with that.

good luck and be strong and determined my friend!
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