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Default Not important?

Okay, so like most threads, this one got unraveled on several points. It seems that many people here don't consider the rings to be that important, it's the relationship that counts (seems to be common theme, especially with poly people). I can get behind that.

My only real point is that, for my own part, I really would not NOT wear a ring simply to showcase availability. Not particularly interested in relationships with someone I haven't talked with, and marital status of myself and my partners would come up right away, as soon as things headed that direction. I wouldn't care to date someone who took the lack of a ring to mean the relationship didn't really matter, or wasn't serious.

I also have an aversion to people thinking I'm cheating, but I wasn't really thinking about married people who just chose not to wear rings. So, for me, I'd appreciate if I were on a date, and all of us either did or didn't wear.

But that's my own preference, and not everyone's.
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