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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Wow. I tried and I really *can't* think of love that way. When I love someone, they are a source of joy in my life and that joy just multiplies between us when we're together. Measuring it in terms of how they can hurt me just doesn't seem to apply. I used to think that way and it just attached far too much pain to love. It's been so much more joyful and easy when I realized what a source of joy people are in life.
That is how I reach my joy in Love Ceoli. Without being that vulnerable I cannot reach that level. Love is not a sad thng for is blissful.

But this thread is not a debate of how I love or an arena to question my interpretations.

Tell us more about what love is for you. I'd like to hear more about the internal workings of Ceoli so I may know her more

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