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Originally Posted by alibabe_muse View Post
I've lived in this community for two years now and have not made a best friend or met any one to just go to coffee with. I'm not an introvert, I talk to strangers all the time, but those are not individuals who I would want a relationship with and hubby works in a restaurant, so my free time is based on his work schedule. Just not many opportunities.
Two years when your mom, is really not a long time. Kids take up so much time and energy, when would you have time to do a search for friends. I remember being "stuck" with people I met through the kids activities or church - none of whom I ever really connected with. At one point, I stopped and took a look at my life and relationships, I had to make a change and do something. After 15 years, I was done being lonely and desperate for friends - now I am an introvert, so long stretches of alone time is normal, but I also need the socialization and a reason to do so. I started looking for groups that are involved in the things I like to do, instead of just tagging along with the husband and his activities. It took me a year to find a group and organize changes to accommodate another activity. It was worth it, because almost instantly, I found a group of people I could connect with and that have accepted me as family.
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