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It's all quiet in the house and an opportunity to blog.

Today I was asked to finally meet a lady I've been emailing with for the last month. I had (long before recognizing polyamory) put an ad on Craigslist in search of a girlfriend that really wanted to be friends and if more came of it, lucky us.

Replies were slow to come in. There was one (BL) who I thought we'd connected but she was going through a divorce and even though we only live about 10 minutes from each other, she just wasn't able to continue the emails. I think I'll email her just to see how she has been doing. I still need friends who are some what like me. My one friend I have since we moved here is a gossiper and I know if she ever got wind of my alternative choices the entire high school would know about it and my oldest would suffer, so I search for those like me.

Back to JB (possible new female lover), she, surprisingly saw my ad, the same day BL said she couldn't meet, and contacted me. JB and I have been chatting off and on for over the last month and have found a connection to each other. Today she told me she's horny, would like to meet on Sunday and maybe we could play afterwards. I'm blushing right now. I've been with two women alone (one was in a bathroom at a gay bar in my old home town and the other we had a fwb over 12 years ago) so I'm feeling nervous and JB is pregnant. I am turned on thinking about meeting her, but I am not sure what to do when we get intimate (well if we do, maybe she changes her mind or I do). So for the next few days I'll be trying to figure this out in my head.

Tomorrow I have my date with M (met on okcupid who I have handled my contact with much differently than other men - no pic sending, no sexting~yet, who told me he'd rather continue our conversation in person rather than through okc or texting). He's driving the 30 minutes to meet me here in town to have a drink (he said he is not much of a coffee drinker). I'm excited and trying to think of what to wear. The tight red tank and short skirt or my short sun dress. I don't want to appear slutty but I also want him to find me attractive. Most days I just put my hair in a pony, tank top and shorts.

Oh, DH and I have a date for tonight after kids go to sleep. Yes the date is here in our home, but it's still a date. I'm going to wear his favorite outfit (undergarments only be required) and continue our training (we have a D/s relationship where dh is my pet). This is new for us, but we both have had this kink for some time, but never acted upon it until recently.
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