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Originally Posted by london View Post
This wouldn't be relevant to me because if my partner and I decided that we would introduce other partners to our families, I would trust that they would only consider doing that with people that are suitable to be around our loved ones. If he decided that someone was okay, I wouldn't need to meet them first to check myself. Them being at a joint activity of some description wouldn't mean I have to share space with them. It would be up to my partner to ensure his partner is towing the line. That's why they would be the person I chose to have kids with.
LOL - This attitude works when single and dealing only with EXTENDED family. Guaranteed, if we are talking about YOUR minor children, you will feel differently as the Mom. It's one thing to have your kids meet someone they will see only long enough to bump into and spill something on as they wiggle up to the food table. It is totally different, if they will be spending time in the shared home for extended periods of time in the presence of said children. I'm not even talking about lovers, just friends.
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