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London-your comment makes no sense to what I said.

It's not a RULE for us to not have a lover who doesn't want to be a part of the group.

I don't give a hot damn if one of hte guys wants to go find a lover that they keep away from the family.

You keep assuming I'm saying I control them. I don't care.

GG and were FWB for YEARS AND YEARS. He had girlfriends I didn't meet. I've had girls and guys I dated he wasn't around. That's neither here nor there.

It's not about one of us controlling the other. It's that we all

There's no rule.

None of us as individuals is WILLING to date someone who doesn't play the way we as individuals prefer to play and that play is socially-together.
(Sexually apart).
So if someone isn't willing to come be a part of our social group, they wouldn't ever get the opportunity to see us.

The one woman who wanted that got her panties in a bunch cause she couldn't get a date more than once every few months because HE DID NOT WANT TO MISS OUT on HIS time with HIS kids. She didn't want to be here-and he didn't want to be anywhere else.

Likewise-my social group are all people who accept my lifestyle completely.

It may also be notable-we aren't in the closet about anything. So there aren't people in our lives who "aren't appropriate" for metamours or anyone else to meet.
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